Postal address

  • Robotics & Automation Group
  • Department of Materials and Production
  • Aalborg University
  • Fibigerstraede 16
  • DK-9220 Aalborg, Denmark
  • Phone: +45 99 40 71 17
  • Fax: +45 99 40 71 10

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  • The newly renovated Aalborg Airport is located about 10 minutes drive North of the city. It has very frequent national connections to Copenhagen, and a number of international connections including London/Gatwick, Amsterdam, Oslo, Istanbul and many others in Europe and USA.

    From the airport, take bus number 2 directly to the University (bus fare 20 DKK, pay the driver) or take a cab. The cab fare is approximately 250 DKK. Most taxis accept credit cards, but you must notify the driver when you enter the taxi. Buses only accept cash or punch cards that you can buy in supermarkets and kiosks.

  • Aalborg has hourly train service from and to the other major Danish cities, including Copenhagen.

    The official DSB website will provide you with the latest timetables and convenient booking system.

    If you know the names of your bus stations it is highly recommended to use the trip planner Rejseplanner

    If you arrive by train to the station in the city, the easiest option is to catch bus number 2. You will find the bus stop pretty much right outside the train station and on the same side of the road as the train station, Enter through the front door and pay the driver. The fare is 20 DKK. The driver can give you change if you only have bills. Credit cards are not accepted. The bus drives right into the campus, and you should ring the bell to exit the bus at the stop AAU/Kantinen. This is when you see a small lake on your right hand side.

  • You can reach Aalborg by car from the South or North by the freeway E45.

    The main campus is located south-east of the city center. When arriving by car by the E45, take exit 26 (Th. Sauersvej, Egense). At the end of the exit, follow Universitetsboulevarden in the Eastern direction 100-200 m into the second roundabout and take the first exit from the roundabout to the right. Just after exiting the roundabout, turn left into the parking lot of the main campus.