We mainly use RoboDK to support our educational programs and to simulate our robotic applications.



Robotics is a cross-disciplinary bachelor’s programme based on existing research environments. Aalborg University has established a robot research programme (http://robotics.aau.dk) which gathers research activities across the university. As a student, you will have access to state-of-the-art technologies and laboratories, and you will be taught by highly skilled professors from across the university.


The Robotics programme teaches you about the challenges faced by companies, engineering consultants and service- and research institutes in relation to the utilisation of robots and automation, and you will become the person able to assist them in this matter.


You will learn to manage development-, analysis- and service tasks independently. As a graduate of a cross-disciplinary programme, you will also gain a special competence sought after by many employers – the ability to bridge gaps and co-operate with people from many different academic as well as professional fields.




Global competition entails several challenges for the industry. To cope with these challenges, the industry needs engineers who know how to handle product-, process- and production issues.


The Master’s programme in Manufacturing Technology aims at providing you with competences to solve complex production-related problems and is designed to develop both theoretical understanding and practical experience.


The programme provides you with knowledge about design, development, and implementation of products, manufacturing, and control systems; primarily in relation to development, planning, and implementation of industrial production.