euRobotics Forum 2014

Two members of the Robotics group, Simon Bøgh and Dimitris Chrysostomou, are going to participate in the euRobotics Week, in Rovereto, Italy from 12-14 March, 2104.

The theme of ERF 2014 was the “City of Robots” and explored the interaction of people with robotic technology and devices that were deployed and demonstrated across the city.

“Building the Future of European Robotics” was the motto of the 4th European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Lyon, 19 ‐ 21 March 2013, attracting more than 300 participants from the European robotics community.

Researchers, engineers, managers, and a growing number of entrepreneurs and business people from all over Europe came together to discuss topics and contents which also have an immediate impact on the road mapping process for Robotics in Europe.

For more information please check the official webpage of the event.



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