Rasmus S. Andersen

Rasmus Skovgaard Andersen


Research Interests

My research interest is within industrial robotics with focus on user friendly applications of robot vision. Particularly, I work with developing and integrating advanced vision algorithms in a robotics framework, that enables non-experts to take advantage of them. The point-of-view is that it is near impossible to develop algorithms, that can make a robot able to cope with unstructured scenes just as well as humans. Therefore, humans should be be “kept-in-the-loop” during training and/or execution of the algorithms.

In the Robotics and Automation group we have for several years been developing mobile industrial robots. Mobile robots of course pose particular problems for all subsystems including the vision systems, including calibration and robustness to semi-structured environments. This is also a focus for my research.

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Previous Employments


Software Developer at Lyngsoe Systems, Aars, Denmark.


Teacher in Mathematics at Aalborg Studenterkursus, Aalborg, Denmark.



Master of Science in Engineering – Informatics. Aalborg University, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg, Denmark.
Master thesis title: Multi-Camera Person Tracking using Particle Filters based on Foreground Estimation and Feature Points


Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Aalborg University, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg, Denmark.