Sigurd Villumsen


Research Interests

My Research at Aalborg University is within the area of industrial robotics and automation, with focus on new prospects in laser processing with Single mode fibre lasers. I am currently associated with the ROBOCUT project where my main area of focus concerns optimal trajectory generation of industrial robots.
In remote laser processing it is common to deflect the laser beam and adjust its focus with mirrors and moveable lenses. When these components are combined with an industrial robot, a system with several levels of redundancy is achieved. My research concerns how these extra axes can be used to improve e.g. quality and processing speeds.


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Previous Employments


Robotics engineer at Adaptapack, Sydney Australia


Advanced systems engineer at Adept Technology, Frederikshavn, Denmark


Development engineer at RTX Telecom A/S Nørresundby, Denmark.



Master of Science in Engineering – Intelligent Autonomous Systems. Aalborg University, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg, Denmark.
Master thesis title: Modelling and control of a six-legged mobile robot


Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Aalborg University, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg, Denmark.